• 2 x Offices
  • 1 x Bathroom
  • 1 x Kitchen
  • 1 x Playroom
  • 3 x classes rooms for 2-3 year groups, 1 with carpet, 1 tiled, 1 bathroom, own sandpit and jungle gym, own playing area, seperate from the rest of the school
  • 1 x classes room for 3-4 year group - 2 x storerooms for the grade RRR
  • 1 x classes room for 4-5 year group – grade RR
  • 1 x classes room for 5-6 year group - 1 x storeroom for the grade R
  • Big sand pit under a thatch roof
  • Big play ground
  • 2 x Wendy’s for storerooms
  • The school is fenced off
  • Closed security gate at main entrance for dropping and collecting your kids
DOWNLOAD DOCUMENTS The Rules Registration forms ~ ~ ABOUT OUR SCHOOL
  1. The school will not unfairly discriminate directly or indirectly against anyone on grounds of disability or HIV status.

  2. Morsjorsie school was started with 25 kids in 1982 in Marikana with a Christian background. We moved to Mooinooi in 1987, we have been going strongly since...
  3. Morsjorsie's mission is to guide children how to cope physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually with the demands that will be placed on them using the fruits of the spirit sucessfully. Morsjorsie is a school with a Christian character that is managed according to effective rules and principles.
  4. Our vision is to help raise christian, happy and emotionally healthy children. It is extremely important to maintain good and open relationships with all staff and parents in order to guide children to a life full of amazing challenges ...